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Orthodontic Treatment in West San Jose, CA

Orthodontics Treatment

How Does the Invisalign®️ System Work?

The Invisalign®️ system is just one of several types of clear braces that are used to straighten and re-align the teeth. They are a part of orthodontic treatment. Invisalign®️ trays are designed to snap onto the teeth and make minimal adjustments over the span of approximately two weeks. The program involves the use of up to 24 specially designed trays that are used consecutively to create a series of changes in the structure of the mouth. The trays are easily removed and can be taken out during meals or if a person needs to appear without them for a meeting or social occasion. The trays must be worn for a specific number of hours each day to be effective.

What Types of Braces are Available?

In addition to traditional braces that use the metal bands and brackets, new technology has provided orthodontist with several other options. Composite braces use ceramic brackets that are bonded directly to the surface of each tooth. Clear braces and retainers can also be used. The Invisalign system uses clear trays that are easily snapped on to the edge of the teeth allowing for gradual changes to be made to the alignment of the patient’s bite pattern. The orthodontist can assess the patient’s alignment issues and make recommendations as to which type of braces or orthodontic appliances would best suit their needs.

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Palatal Expansion and Jaw Surgery

While most individuals associate orthodontic treatment with the installation of braces, there is a broad range of additional procedures designed to improve the alignment of the jaws. Two of the most significant are palatal expansion and jaw surgery.

During palatal expansion, appliances are used to expand the upper palate of the mouth to create more space by widening the jaw. Individuals who need their procedure are typically born with smaller jaws. Likewise, jaw surgery is required to correct major malocclusions such as a jaw that is significantly larger or smaller than the other.

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