Common Flossing Mistakes

Common Flossing Mistakes

Aug 16, 2019

Most people think brushing is enough to keep their teeth clean, but it’s not completely true. While brushing goes a long way in improving your dental hygiene, brushing alone cannot remove the plaque that is formed between the teeth.

Brushing Only Does So Much

Brushing your teeth covers more than a quarter of your mouth surface area, but quite a lot of mouth is still vulnerable for plaque and cavities to flourish. Flossing can be useful in such a scenario. It helps is removing food and other fragments stuck in the mouth, between teeth and gums. This debris, if not cleaned will lead to accumulation of plaque. This eventually leads to oral ailments and cavities. Thus, flossing saves you from various illnesses.

While flossing is important for good dental care, but not doing it properly might lead to more harm than good.

Common Flossing Mistakes:

Flossing Too Often: If you floss more than required causes damage to gums that lead to gum sensitivity. It is advisable to floss only once per day, preferably after brushing your teeth. Doctors recommend flossing before you go to bed as you will have ample time to floss at night.

Moving Too Quickly: Being in a hurry to clean your teeth, you might not clean the residue on your teeth totally. It’s important to note that flossing not only removes fragments between the teeth but also helps in removing the thin coating of plaque. Thus, while flossing one side of your teeth, spend at least 10 seconds, for good oral healthcare

Missing Both Sides of the Tooth: People quite often floss only one side of their teeth to remove the debris. What they aren’t aware of flossing also helps in removing a thin layer of plaque from the teeth. So, it’s equally important to floss on both sides of the tooth under the gum mark.

Regular flossing has many benefits. It not only removes food stuck between your teeth but also protects you from various oral diseases. Dentist in San Jose recommend brushing and flossing teeth, to reduce chances of tooth deterioration and gum ailments. Start flossing today for a happy healthy tooth.



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