Are Fillings Considered Restorative?

Are Fillings Considered Restorative?

Jul 06, 2023

Restorative dental care is a field of dentistry aimed at diagnosing and managing conditions and diseases of the teeth and supporting structures like the gums and jawbone. Dental fillings are common restorative treatments used to repair tooth decay and damage to restore the tooth’s structure and strength. This guide discusses how dental fillings work and their restorative benefits for optimal oral health.

How Dental Fillings Work

Dental fillings are materials used to repair damaged parts of a tooth and fill cavities. Our dentist in San Jose, CA, will begin by examining your tooth to determine the extent of damage and the appropriate treatment option. If you’re eligible for a dental filling, the dentist will start by injecting a local anesthetic near the affected tooth to prevent pain or discomfort during the procedure.

Then the dentist will then drill through the tooth to remove the damaged parts of the tooth. The dentist cleans and sterilizes the area to prepare for the filling. Next, the dentist covers the area with a filling material. Some fillings are hardened or cured with a special laser or light.

Lastly, the dentist will polish the tooth to ensure a proper bite and aesthetically appealing results. You’ll also receive specific aftercare instructions to care for your mouth and treated tooth for faster recovery and less risk of complications. These can include:

  • Avoid disturbing or touching the filling
  • Avoid very hot, cold, or sugary items
  • Maintain excellent oral hygiene
  • Eat softer foods
  • Use cold therapy to minimize
  • Take medication as prescribed
  • Avoid tobacco products

Dental fillings can contain materials like amalgam, gold, composite resin, porcelain, and gold based on factors like your condition, budget, and needs.

Restorative Benefits of Dental Fillings

Dental fillings offer several restorative benefits, including:

  • Stops decay

Dental fillings are beneficial in stopping the progression of tooth decay. When a tooth has decay or cavities, a dental filling procedure removes the damaged parts and fills the area with a restorative material. It prevents further progression of decay. If not stopped, decay would spread deeper, eventually leading to tooth loss. Visit our dentist near you if you have untreated tooth decay or cavities.

  • Preserves natural tooth structure

One of the key benefits of restorative procedures is to preserve and save your natural tooth whenever possible. With dental fillings, the dentist can remove the damaged parts of the tooth and fill the damaged parts. It saves the remaining healthy structure of the tooth, preventing tooth loss. It is also essential for maintaining good oral function, health, and aesthetics.

  • Prevent further damage

If not treated promptly, tooth decay or damage would eventually lead to severe complications like pulp infections, severe discomfort, tooth loss, bone damage, and gum infections. These complications can cause the need for more invasive and costly procedures like root canals, dental crowns, and dental implants.

  • Strengthen the tooth

Tooth decay and damage can significantly compromise a tooth’s structure, making it more susceptible to fractures and infections. Filling the damaged parts of the tooth with a filling provides added strength and stability, making it less vulnerable to damage.

  • Restores bite function

Tooth damage like chips, cracks, and breaks can greatly affect the ability to bite and chew normally. Once the damaged parts of the tooth are repaired with a dental filling, the tooth’s bite ability is restored, allowing you to eat your favorite foods with ease and comfort.

  • Restores oral comfort

Tooth decay, chips, cracks, and breaks can expose the sensitive inner parts of the tooth, like the pulp and dentin, causing mild to severe sensitivity and pain, especially when exposed to extreme factors like cold and heat. Dental fillings restore the damaged parts of the tooth and protect the underlying structures to stop any discomfort or sensitivity.

  • Restores aesthetics

Dental damage can cause a dull or unsightly appearance on your tooth, making you feel less attractive and confident. Tooth-colored fillings like porcelain and composite can match your natural teeth, providing a brighter, more beautiful, seamless smile.

Learn more about Restorative Dentistry in San Jose.

Do you have untreated dental damage like chips, decay, and breaks? Prompt Restorative Dentistry in San Jose with dental fillings can help prevent further damage to your tooth and improve your tooth’s strength, function, and health. For more information about dental fillings, contact Neeshat S. Khan, DDS, to book your appointment today.



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