7 Things Nobody Tells You About Preparing for Oral Surgery

7 Things Nobody Tells You About Preparing for Oral Surgery

Feb 01, 2024

If you have an upcoming procedure like a wisdom tooth extraction or dental implant placement, having an oral surgery Service in San Jose on your calendar can feel daunting. While your oral surgeon will provide instructions closer to the date tailored to your situation, these insider tips also help you prepare mentally and logistically ahead of time.

What Can I Eat and Drink Before Oral Surgery?

Since anesthesia is often used, having an empty stomach is ideal to prevent nausea and vomiting. Emergency dentists near you typically recommend no food for 6-8 hours pre-op and nothing by mouth for at least 2 hours beforehand – not even water – unless medically necessary. However, stay well hydrated up until the cut-off time. After surgery, stick to liquid nutrition, then bland soft foods, working back to a regular diet after several days.

How Do I Plan to Get Home Safely After Anesthesia?

Arrange transportation with a trusted adult who can drive you home and stay with you for at least the first 24 hours post-surgery as you recover from anesthesia effects. Trying to take public transit or driving yourself is never wise following IV sedation. Have blankets and pillows ready at home to rest immediately while avoiding falls or another injury.

What Medication Changes May Be Required Before My Procedure?

Discuss all supplements and medications currently taken with your dentist near you beforehand. Birth control, blood thinners, and cardiac and diabetic meds often warrant special instructions like halting doses or substituting alternatives temporarily around procedural sedation. Only quit or alter prescription regimens with medical guidance first, though.

Should I Trim Nails, Remove Piercings, Jewelry Before Surgery?

Yes, trim nails short and remove nail polish if applied so oxygenation status can be accurately monitored during the procedure. Also, take out all facial and mouth piercings beforehand. Leave valuables like watches, rings, and other jewelry at home, removing necklaces for safety around imaging equipment. Hair ties are handy for confining long hair off the face. That could also interfere with the oral surgeon’s access and visibility during the procedure.

Will I Need Someone at Home to Help Me With Recovery?

Plan for some post-op assistance, even if just for day one, until the initial anesthesia effects fully wear off. Meals, meds, and hygiene/dressing changes all prove easier with an extra set of hands. Don’t stay alone for at least the first night – have someone check on you periodically. Stock up on easy-to-prepare nourishing foods/drinks beforehand, too.

What Supplies Will Make Eating and Hygiene Easier After Surgery?

Have mints, throat lozenges, and lip balm handy to combat dry mouth after anesthesia. Stock up on nutritional shakes/smoothies and yogurt cups. Keeping a reusable straw on hand makes drinking more comfortable. Ice packs help ease facial swelling and pain, while soft toothbrushes, alcohol-free oral rinse, and over-the-counter pain relievers allow self-care once home resting.

How Can I Mentally Prepare for Post-Op Pain and Swelling?

Understand considerable discomfort often follows involved procedures – like extraction of impacted or fractured teeth – whereas relatively quicker, less complex surgery may mean less inflammation afterward. Discuss pain management with your oral surgeon, realistically preparing for ups/downs in the first week of healing. Some temporary visible swelling/bruising is common, too, post-op. Rest with the head elevated, apply ordered cold compresses, and take it easy contacting the office if symptoms seem beyond the norms discussed. Don’t tough it out needlessly.

Education on what to expect with oral surgery helps ease worries so you can focus on recovering smoothly. For exceptional oral surgery service right in the heart of Silicon Valley, visit us at West San Jose’s premier provider –Neeshat Khan, DDS. We offer IV sedation for relaxed, anxiety-free treatment with skilled expertise in wisdom teeth extractions, dental implants, and more. Don’t hesitate to ask your dentist in San Jose any other pre- or post-procedure questions.



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